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Yongchun Tang Director - Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Geochemistry
Andrew Bishop Associate Director - Earth and Environmental Systems
Patrick Shuler Associate Director - Chemical Engineering and Geothermal Energy


Oliver Wu Manager, Environmental Sciences
Doug Harris Manager of Waste Water Treatment
Kangshi Wang Manager of Water Quality
Andrei Deev Instrument Development
Anna Zhuang Electronic Engineering
Carl W. Aften Polymer Science
Cheng (Stephan) Zan Petroleum Engineering
Chengyang Jiang Solar and Renewable Energies
Di Zhu Chemical Processing
Fei Meng Nanomaterials and Renewable Energies
Ian Chan Environmental Sciences
James Chen Numerical Analysis
Jing Zhao Renewable Fuels
John Ma Molecular Modeling
Le (Chris) Lu Petroleum Engineering
Li Gao Organic Geochemistry
Megan Sun Office Manager
Panqing He Biochemistry
Qianwen Zhang Reaction Engineering
Qinhong Wang Biological Applications
Stefan Iglauer CO2 Sequestration
Sheng Wu Physical Chemistry
Weiqun Chen Materials and Catalytic Processes
Wenjie Xia Biology and Biochemistry
Xiangdong Fang Biology and Biochemistry
Xianren Ye Instrumental Analysis
Yanqi Zhang Research Scientist
Yingshu Liu Business Development
Yongbin Jin Analytic Geochemistry
Zhenyou Wang Nanomaterials and Nonlinear Optics