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Qianwen Zhang, Reaction Engineering



-Ph.D., Tsinghua University, 1999

-M.S., Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, 1989

-B.S., South China Institute of Technology, 1986

Research Interest:

1. Energy conversion and clean utilization

2. C1 chemistry and chemical engineering

3. Selective hydrogenation of acetylene and dienes

4. Hydrofining of gasoline and diesel oil for HDS and HDN

5. Hyrocrocking and fluid cracking catalyst for residue oil

6. Applied catalysis

Selected Publication:

1. "Synergetic Effect of Pd and Ag Dispersed on Al2O3 in Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene", Applied Catalysis A: 197 (2000), 221-228

2. "Selective Synthesis of LPG from Synthesis Gas", Fuel Processing Technology, 85(2004) 1139-1150

3. "Direct Synthesis of LPG from Synthesis Gas", Study in Surface Science and Catalysis, 147 (2004), 427-432

4. "A Highly Stable and Efficient Catalyst for Direct Synthesis of LPG from Syngas", Catalysis Letter, 102 (2005), 51-55

5. "Direct Synthesis of LPG Fuel from Syngas with the Hybrid Catalyst Based on Modified Pd/SiO2 and Zeolite", Catalysis Today, 104 (2005), 30-36

6. "Semi-indirect Synthesis of LPG from Syngas: Conversion of DME into LPG" Catalysis Today, 106 (2005), 247-251

7. "Pd-promoted Cr/ZnO Catalyst for Synthesis of Methanol from Syngas", Applied Catalysis A, 309 (2006), 28-32

8. "Direct Synthesis of Propane/Butane from Synthesis Gas", Study in Surface Science and Catalysis, 147 (2007), 348-354

9. "Preparation of Mn-Based Perovskite-Type Catalysts for Purification of Diesel Engine Exhaust", Petrochemical Technology, 38 (2008), 841

10. "Development of a new catalyst for the first stage selective hydrogenation of pyrolysis gasoline", INDUSTRIAL CATALYSIS, 17 (2009), 30

11. "Ni/TiO2-Al2O3 Catalyst for First-Stage Selective Hydrogenation of Pyrolysis Gasoline", Petrochemical Technology, 38 ( 2009) , 1186

12. "Synthesis of light hydrocarbons from syngas in near-critical phase" Applied Catalysis A, 401(2011), 147-152