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Qinhong Wang, Biological Applications



-Ph.D., Institute of Microbiology , Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2003
-M.S., Henan University of Technology, 1999
-B.S., Henan University of Technology, 1996

Research Interest:

My current research project is bioengineering high performance microbial strains to produce biosurfactants. I have solid foundation and broad experience in the area of industrial fermentation and biomolecular engineering, especially protein and metabolic pathway engineering. I am interested in the model and design of biological systems for achieving functional purposes such as the production of valuable chemicals and proteins or the creation of biosynthetic control networks. Throughout the design process, I am interested in utilizing novel analytical methodology and genomic technology to enable a structured and controlled approach for design optimization and implementation.

Selected publications

1. Xiaobin Wu, Keqiang Fan, Qinhong Wang, Keqian Yang (2005) C-terminus mutations of Acremonium chrysogenum deacetoxyl/deacetylcephalosporin C synthesis with improved activity toward penicillin analogs, FEMS Microbiology Letters , 246 (1): 103-110

2. Qinhong Wang, Peng He, Dajun Lu, An Shen, Ning Jiang (2005) Metabolic engineering of Torulopsis glabrata for improved pyruvate production. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 36(5-6), 832-839

3. Qinhong Wang, Peng He, Dajun Lu, An Shen, Ning Jiang (2004) Purification, characterization, cloning and expression of pyruvate decaeboxylase from Torulopsis glabrata. Journal of Biochemistry (Tokyo), 36(4), 447-455

4. Qinhong Wang, Peng He, Dajun Lu, An Shen, Ning Jiang (2002) Screening of pyruvate-producing yeast and effect of nutritional conditions on pyruvate production. Letters in Applied Microbiology, 35(4), 338-342.

5. Peng He, Dajun Lu, Qinhong Wang, An Shen, Ning Jiang (2001) Cloning and expression of VHB gene in D-Arabitol producing yeast. Acta Micobiologica Sinica , 41(3), 315-19.