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Sheng Wu, Instrument Development



-Ph.D., Caltech, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
-M.S., Caltech, Environmental Engineering & Sciences.
-B.S., Peking University, Chemistry.
-B.S., Peking University, Physics.

Research Interests:

Dr. Sheng Wu is leader for research in Sensors @ PEER. These sensors are based on light-matter elastic (Mie scattering, Optical Coherence Tomography/OCT) and inelastic (absorption, RAMAN, Laser Induced Fluorescence/LIF) interactions, and on gas adsorption/desorption processes. Major projects include multiwavelength laser scattering and LIDAR, QCL MIR isotope analyzer, tunable lasers (UV-Vis-IR) and drift-free carbon polymer sensors. Sensors and techniques developed are applied to petroleum drilling and refinery, biological science and engineering.


4 US patents awarded in nonlinear optics, light scattering and remote sensing.

Selected Publications:

1. "Hollow waveguide quantum cascade laser spectrometer as an online microliter sensor for gas chromatography", Wu,S; Deev, A; Haught, M; Tang, YC, Journal of Chromatography A, 1188 (2008) 327-330

2. Wu,S; Deev, "Novel Broadband Amplifier for Mid-Infrared Semiconductor laser and applications in spectroscopy", Invited talk, Photonics West, January, 2010

3. "Formation and abundance of doubly-substituted methane isotopomer ( 13 CDH 3 ) in natural gas systems" Ma, Q.; Wu, S.; Tang, YC, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta. Vol. 72 (2008) 5446-5456

4. "Multicrystal harmonic generator compensate for thermally induced phase mismatch", Optics Communications, Vol. 173, 371-376, 2000

5. "A Nanosecond Optical Parametric Generator/Amplifier Seeded by an External Cavity Diode Laser", Optics Communications, Vol.159, 74-79, 1999.

6. "Nonlinear Optical Crystals Improve Laser's Flexibility", Invited Feature Article, May, 1998, Volume 32, Issue 5. Photonics Spectra, 138-144

7. " Simple, high-performance type II beta -BaB2O4 optical parametric oscillator", Wu, S., Blake, G., Sun, S., Lin, J. Applied Optics, 36 (1997), 5898-5901

Member of SPIE Photonics West Commitee, 2011, Call for papers

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