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Wenjie Xia, Biology and Biochemistry



-Ph.D., Petroleum and Microbiology, Institute of Porous Flow&Fluid Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science

-B.S., Environment Engineering, Yangtze University.

Research Interests:

-- Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery

-- Biosurfactant

-- Biodegradation.

Publications and Patents:

Wenjie Xia, Zhifeng Du, Qingfeng Cui, Hao Dong, Fuyi Wang, Panqing He, YongChun Tang. Biosurfactant produced by Novel Pseudomonas sp. WJ6 with Biodegradation of n-Alkanes and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2014, 276: 489-498

W.J. Xia, Z.B. Luo, H.P. Dong, L. Yu. Studies of Biosurfactant for the Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery by Using Bacteria Isolated from Formation water of Petroleum Reservoir. Petroleum Science and Technology. 2013, 31: 2311–2317.

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1. CN101948786A “Pseudomonas aeruginosa with high-yielding of Rhamnolipid and its application” (First inventor)

2. CN102911902B “Thermophilic and halotolerant Anoxybacillu ssp. and its application”

3. CN101948787A “Method of selecting rhamnolipid-producing bacterium and medium” (First inventor)

4. 201510001767.0 “A novel thermophilic halotolerant petroleum-degradation and biosurfactant-producing bacterial strain and its application” (First inventor)

5. US Provisional Patent Application No.: 61/969,762 “Methods of culturing cells and recovering bioproducts” (First inventor)