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Yanqi Zhang, Chemical Engineering



-M.S. Chemical Engineering – University of Delaware, 2013

-B.S. Environmental Science and Engineering – Tsinghua University, 2009

Research Interests:

-- Functional nanomaterials synthesis, characterization and their application in renewable energy devices, wastewater treatment, and oil and gas exploration and production.

-- Green chemistry and novel material development for oil and gas industry.

Main Research and Professional Experience:

Process optimization for wastewater treatment of hydraulic fracturing fluids and EOR produced water in the oil field

Methodology development for intermolecular isotope analysis of natural gas and quantification of short chain organic acid in kerogen using GC and IR-MS

Product formulation development and EOR operations in the oil and gas industry


Y. Zhang and C. Aften., Novel Routes for Total and Selective Flocculation of Mineral Solids in a Produced Fluid Matrix, SME Annual Conference & EXPO, Colorado, CO, 2014

E. Tang, Y. Zhang and C. Aften, New and Simple Techniques for Boron Removal from Waste Water, SME Annual Conference & EXPO, Colorado, CO, 2014

Y. Zhang, Z. Zhuang and Y. Yan, Pt Alloy Nanocrystals with Early Transition Metal as Electro-catalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction, ECS Annual Conference, Honolulu, HI, 2012

Y. Zhang, Q. Xu, S. Alia and Y. Yan, Metal-Platinum Core-Shell Structure with Well Defined Facets as Catalyst for ORR, AIChE Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 2011

Y. Zhang, Q. Xu and Y. Yan, Synthesis and Application of TiO2 as Durable Support for Pt Nanoparticles as Electro-catalyst, CCST Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 2011