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Zhenyou Wang, Ph.D. – Nanomaterials and Nonlinear Optics



Ph.D., Physics, University of Alberta

Master, Materials of Physics and Chemistry, Sun Yat-Sen University

Bachelor, Material Physics, Sun Yat-Sen University

Research Interests:

BOptical (VIS, NIR, MIR, THz) spectroscopy for gas sensing

Ultrafast imaging and ultrafast spectroscopy,


Nonlinear Optics.

Publications and Patents:

Y. Song, Z. Wang, J. Loh, M. J. Thomson, THz spectroscopy for monitoring high temperature water vapor in the steel-making furnaces, (submitted).

T. Tzanetakis, R. Susilo, Z. Wang, A. Padmanabhan, B. R. Davis, M. J. Thomson, Optical absorption measurement of HCl at high temperature and high concentration in the presence of H2O using a tuneable diode laser system for application in pyrohydrolysis non-ferrous industrial process control, Appl. Spectrosc. (accepted).

Z. Wang, F. P. Hu, W. X. Chen, and F. A. Hegmann, Terahertz polarization properties of free standing millimeter-scale carbon nanotube array sheets cut with femtosecond laser pulses, IEEE Trans. Terahertz Sci. Technol. 2015, 90, 1-6.

Z. Wang, F. H. Su, and F. A. Hegmann. Ultrafast imaging of terahertz Cherenkov waves and transition-like radiation in LiNbO3, Opt. Express 2015, 23, 8073-8086.

F. Hu, Z. Wang, Y. Li, C. Li, X. Zhang, P. K. Shen. Improved performance of Pd electrocatalyst supported on ultrahigh surface area hollow carbon spheres for direct alcohol fuel cells, J. Power Sources. 2008, 177, 61-66.

Z. Wang, F. Hu, P. K. Shen. Carbonized porous anodic alumina as electrocatalyst support for alcohol oxidation, Electrochem. Commun. 2006, 8, 1764-1768.

F. Hu, C. Chen, Z. Wang, G. Wei, and P. K. Shen. Mechanistic study of ethanol oxidation on Pd-NiO/C electrocatalyst, Electrochim. Acta. 2006, 52, 1087-1091.

P. K. Shen, Z. Wang, X. Wei. The preparation of self-supported nano porous anodic alumina with two sides open, Chinese Patent number: 200610032879.3.