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Low Temperature Gas To Liquid Conversion 2

Application II - Stop Flaring Natural Gas


Associated Gas a Critical Issue for Deepwater Production

There are several options for dealing with associated gas:

1) Flare Gas
    Increase CO2 emissions
    Contribute to global warming
    Lose potentially valuable resource

2) Oil/Gas Multiphase Flow Line (Difficult to Implement)

3) Pump Gas Back into Reservoir (Expensive)

4) Convert Gas to Liquid

Application III - Clean Fuel and Green Chemicals from Gas:


Highlights of Recent Progress

Using Ionic liquid as a medium, we have developed a catalyst system that gives the highest conversion of methane to methanol ever reported

Improved water tolerance over previous catalyst system (Periana et al., 1998, Science)

Filled a broad patent application to cover all applications of this technology



Skid-mounted technology for Gas to Liquid Conversion is extremely important for the petroleum industry

A new single-step, low temperature process is being developed

The use of ionic liquids has significantly improved the effeciency of current catalyst