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Heavy Oil Partial Upgrading

Project Objectives

Develop an Economic Method to Improve Crude Oil Viscosity

Lower Acid Content in Heavy Oil
Removal of Sulfur
Improve Heavy Crude Oil Transportation Efficiency
Increase Crude Oil Value

Industry Trend Decline in Quality of Crude Oil to Refineries


Partial Oil Upgrading

H2is not required to achieve the project objectives
Focus on viscosity reduction (lower API gravity by 4-8 points) to meet heavy oiil transportation requirements
Focus on acid number reduction to minimize emulsion and corrosion issues
Develop a heavy oil upgrading system which has low capital cost requirements, hs minimal controls, is easy to operate, and has low operating costs

A Novel Approach

We have developed a new proprietary catalyst system
Fixed bed reactor at temperatures ranging from 300o - 350oC
No additional hydrogen required
Low pressure system
Our preliminary results show:
- About 60-70% acid reduction
- Significant viscosity reduction from 6000 cp to 175 cp at 40oC (200-500 cp required to assure oil flow)
Estimated 7 API unit improvement
About 50% sulfur removal



Partial upgrading with visocity and acid number reduction achieved
Low capital & operating costs
Uses standard refinery/oilfield equipment
Need to find partners to build pilot plant