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Laser based sensing

Solid state devices have ignited revolution after revolution in modern sciences and technologies, e.g. transistors in integrated circuitry, semiconductor lasers and detectors in the telecommunication, entertainment and lighting industries. Now, quantum cascade lasers are knocking at the door of traditional Infrared spectroscopy community, which have been using black body lamps for over a century. We are con

- Quantum cascade laser spectroscopy --- from QCL development, to High performance IR sensor for GC, and novel WGM sensors

-LIDAR using FM spectroscopy, Isotope NDIR, we are developing sensors that could are setting a record in sensing distance using FM spectroscopy technique

- Inelastic scattering: RAMAN, LIF, we are developing several setups for high temperature and pressure RAMAN and LIF sensing.

- Elastic Scattering: Mie/Rayleigh, OCT, we are developing multicolor lasers and novel setups for improved non-intrusive sensing on particulates and submerged tissues.

Adsorption type sensors

- Such sensors are low cost and easy to manufacture, but suffers from baseline drift and slow response.

- At PEER, we are developing novel "sniffing" schemes coupled with MEMS technology to remove the drift problem and improve response time.

Chemical transient imaging

- Help closing the basic loop in combustion by imaging transient species under high temperature and pressure.

- At PEER, we are developing high power UV lasers for PLIF imaging and multispectral cameras for transient chemilluminescenec imaging.